Automatic updates are temporally unavailable

Automatic updates are temporary unavailable for User Role Editor Pro via My apologies for any inconvenience it may bring to you. I hope that this issue will be resolved in short period of time, at begin of July, 2014.
You still may download the latest version of User Role Editor Pro from this link (login to the site 1st) and replace files manually via FTP.

Client base of User Role Editor Pro grows. For the time I’m writing this post Role Editor Pro has 333 active subscribers with different membership plans. The site should grow respectively according to the client base growth. Thus I decided to move from 1and1 shared hosting to the new home. was moved to Google App Engine this week.

Migrating process was not straightforward and I had to resolve a lot of puzzles during that. But it was finished successfully and we are there. The only problem I could not resolve with Google App Engine for this moment is SSL traffic protection. For some reason Google allows you to use SSL for custom domain after the 1st billing cycle finish only.

That’s why User Role Editor update service URL is not working now.
If you can not wait until I enable SSL for, you may apply this quick and easy fix:
1) go to User Role Editor Pro folder, open role-editor-pro.php
2) find this code at line #64:

    $ure_update_checker = new PluginUpdateChecker(

and replace '' to ''. It’s a pity, but Google App Engine does not support SSL for the naked custom domain, just together with www subdomain included :(.