Okay, I’ve downloaded the beta and installed on my multisite. Then I activated on the root site. Then I sent to Network Admin > Settings, and entered our license key, then clicked Save. Upon entering it, I got the following page:

Not Found

The requested URL /wp-admin/network/options-general.php was not found on this server.

When I refreshed the URE settings page, the license key was not there, so the above did not work as far as license key goes.

Then I went to the site where I had previously activated it, and it is still active (after the update). I then clicked on Settings next to the plugin for this site, and indeed did get the entire UREPro settings list there. But this includes the Multisite Options tab (again, we are on a subsite, not the root site). Is this supposed to be on all sites? I’d assume not.

So, it looks like you are making progress, but there are a few things left to figure out in the multisite environment; thanks very much for your quick attention.


Jim P.