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Thank you for this detail and clarification.

I began to replicate the following:

1. URE at Network Level, Update Widgets for Custom User Role.

2. Save, but then page changes to Main Site URE page (Possible confusion)

3. I return to URE at Network Level, by hitting back in my browser, selecting Update Network, and confirming checkbox “[x] Widget access restrictions.”

4. CHANGE: Browsing as user with Custom User Role, with more than one site, I see that my widget modifications are updated on the Main Site, but have NOT replicated to other Subsites on the network.

5. I also exported the role from Main Site and imported it into Subsite, but the widget modifications did NOTE transfer to any Subsite.

Environment: multiple sites on network with same theme and plugins installation. New sites are duplicated with Backup Buddy or NS Cloner, but overall we look for methods to perform changes to 1. roles/capabilities, 2. menus, and 3. widgets (in order of priority) on a network-wide level.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. We recognize the amount of work and research documentation you have done in developing this plugin! Though it might be convenient to do everything role/capability-wise with one plugin 🙂 , we are also investigating multsite capabilities Admin Menu Editor Pro: