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Sorry if I ramble a bit too. I find it hard to get my line of thinking written down so others can understand what I am talking about.

Just taking a look now, if I went to Network Admin->Users->User Role Editor, then we could have a list of all roles across the network. Maybe in brackets next to it, which site they belong to if not all. It would then also list all capabilities available across the network too.

Pick a role, then I could have a option to save to that site only, or sync it across all sites or select only some sites to apply the changes to, without changing other roles. If I want to have a role set a little different on a subsite, then I edit that role in the subsite and apply it only to that site. If I go back and edit that role and save it to all, then I expect it to overwrite my changes for that 1 site.

Come to think of it, realistically I only need the ability to import and export to and from other sites, that add to the current roles. This way I could go to my non-woo site, import the Store Manager role from a Woo Site, and then save. I think what I am asking for is an option to manage roles on a network-wide scale better. If it’s an option then you will still cover those that don’t want that.