Hi Jawad,

1) User can not see the list of products without ‘edit_products’ capability. So if you have activated with URE ‘create’ capability, giving user ‘read’, ‘edit_products’ may be enough to get a ‘read-only’ access’ to the list of products with assumption that this user did not created any product. He can not created a new product, he can not edit products created by others, he can not edit published products. Be aware that user should have at least ‘edit_posts’ or ‘manage_woocommerce’ capabilities or special filter should be set to give him access to the admin back-end.

2) I confirm the issue with ‘Products->Attributes’ access by direct link. I will investigate and fix this bug.

3) Let me know what additional plugin do you use. I installed ‘Revolution Slider’ but don’t see any additional meta box at WooCommerce Coupon edit page.