Hi Vladimir,

I have deleted the old plugin on my staging site and installed the beta. After installation though, my user roles which were setup are no longer working. I think because it does not remember my settings as ‘Admin Menu’, ‘Meta Boxes’ & ‘Other Roles’ are missing now.

1) Also, I think I may found a bug on the stable version of URE. I unchecked all of ‘edit_shop_orders’ capability and this removed ‘Orders’ from ‘WooCommerce > Orders’ but the edit Orders page was still accessible by direct linking to Order edit page.

2) What is the difference between


3) I have prevented user from deleting order by disabling ‘delete_shop_order’ capability. But I still need help preventing a user role from deleting Order Notes. Can I pay you some money to give me the code which can do this?

Many Thanks,