James Wee

Okay, let’s rephrase everything again.

I have 2 post types
1. Pages
2. Community (Custom Post Type)

I’ve given full access (create delete edit publish read) on both post types. So the user can create and edit everything within the 2 post types listed above.

But I only wanted the user to be able to edit post 1601 only in “Community” but everything else in “Pages”.

So I went ahead and added “1601” in “Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types Editor Restrictions”
with post ID (comma separated) : 1601 and press “Update User”.

Now the user cannot see all posts in “Pages” and “Community” except post 1601 in “Community”. It’s like the URE is overwriting the Role Editor global settings when it is supposed to compliment it.

Ideally when I set with post ID (comma separated) : 1601. I should:
1. Page: Still be able to create and edit all posts – according to global role editor settings
2. Community: Can only see post 1601 and cannot see all other posts.