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Hi Donal,

When you select a menu item to be blocked, URE does not simply hides it. URE blocks the URL assigned to the hidden menu item. Any try to use blocked URL leads to the redirection to URL, assigned to the 1st available (not blocked) menu item.

When we work with ‘block not selected’ model – all URLs from the main admin menu except apparently selected become blocked. So I suppose that you have some menu item with similar URL, like ‘wp-admin/post.php?post=nn&action=edit’ and it’s counted as blocked.

I can not repeat described situation at my development environment though, as I don’t have supposed menu item.

All selected URLs under “block selected’ model should be really blocked. Can you show an example when you turn ON some checkbox but still can access that URL typing it directly at a browser address bar?

Combining “Admin menu access” data from multiple roles assigned to the same user, you have to take into account this logic:
– assigned restrictions take effect in the assigned roles order. Admin menu blocking data from the 1st (primary) role takes effect always;
– data from the rest roles are taking into account only if they use the same blocking model. For example, if the 1st role has ‘block selected’ model, but the 2nd role has ‘block not selected’ model, the 2nd role ‘admin menu access’ data is ignored.
– ‘admin menu access’ data from other roles with the same blocking model are added to the data from the 1st role.

If you have an example when the rules described above don’t work, let’s discuss it. I will try to repeat the situation and fix the bug if we discover it.