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Hello, I am still researching the subject, I found that for custom post types, the behavior is fine, but for pages only that the above erratic behavior is still happening. I have received the response from the theme developer but I still have to test it.

One other thing that I noticed, is that on the URE options, even if I select 404 as a default, when I create new pages the default option that comes selected is: “Show access error message”

This is how it is setup:

Content view restrictions

Activate [user_role_editor roles=”role1, role2, …”] shortcode
Activate content view restrictions
View access:
Allow View
Prohibit View < —– This is the one selected.
For Users:
All visitors (logged in or not) < —– This is the one selected.
Any User Role (logged in only)
Selected User Roles / (logged in only)
Show Access Error Message
Return HTTP 404 error < —– This is the one selected.

Can you please check?

Keep up the good work. URE is fundamental to my intranet.