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    Hi there,
    It seems like a couple of things changed after the update.

    We have a few CPT that a number of authors post via their own categories.
    At the moment it looks like the following options are gone:

    Publish with out approval of admin
    Publish only in specific CPT/Category

    Did something change?
    I do see these option selected when enabling the : show deprecated capabilities

    Thank you!



    It seems that listed options belong to other plugin. Is it possible?

    The list of deprecated capabilities was not changed. Can you show the screenshot with these capabilities shown as deprecated?


    We are using woocommerce members/ subscriptions (news since this happend)
    But all of our members are using SUBSCRIBER as default.

    The authors have custom role

    Heres a video:


    Sorry, I don’t see on the video any new deprecated capabilities. I may just confirm that there were no any related changes in the recent URE Pro update.
    So, if you can give me details what URE Pro feature does not work, I will investigate. If this is something related to “WooCommerce members/subscription” – I can not help.


    Figured it out.
    We have a multisite and we network enabled it.

    THank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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