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    Hello, how are you?

    I’m having trouble hiding a specific menu item from the user.

    I’ve already tried the “User Menu” and it appears that it has been blocked, but logging in with the user keeps appearing. I’ve tried other ways too.

    I wonder if you can block one or more URLs of users of type “Author”.

    URS standards would be:

    And what other alternatives can I try to hide from this menu.

    Thank you.



    Give me more details. Did you use “Admin menu access” add-on to block those menu items? If yes, what is going wrong?
    Does user still can open the linked URL?
    Can you provide access to plugin or theme which registered those menu items/URLs?


    Yes, I blocked everything, I left only a creation and editing of posts.
    However, this item still appears in the Author menu.
    He is also on the White List, as you can see in the image:

    Image 01


    OK. I need to make my own tests with it. What about access to the plugin or theme which registered those menu items?
    If it’s not critical for your data, you can export your site (without wp-uploads) using UpdraftPlus plugin and share files with support [at-sign] via DropBox or Google Drive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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