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    I bought a licence for URE as we need two particular things.

    1. Hide the admin bar for a subscriber. This is not working. Always is on top even altough i deactivate for that role.

    2. I have Learndash and Learndash instructor who allow create courses for instructor role. I like to add the permission to add post and forums ( bbpress) but no success. Any change in side admin menu when i give permissions.

    Somebody may help me?




    Ignore previous reply you got via email – it was send by mistake.

    Send the admin login credentials to support [at-sign]
    I will look at your site settings.



    ‘Hide admin bar’ option for ‘subscriber role:
    1) I confirm the bug introduced to User Role Editor with one of the recent updates. When you select other role page view is refreshed via AJAX, but ‘Additional options’ section is not refreshed properly. I will fix this issue with the next update. Thanks for your help with isolating this.
    2) There is a conflict with other related plugin: Uncanny Learndash Toolkit (ULT). You activate similar module there “Ocultar barra de administrador”
    Hide admin bar for role
    It overwrites action made by User Role Editor, that is 1st, URE hides top admin bar for the user with subscriber role, but by the 2nd step, ULT shows it again.
    Just decide from what plugin you will use this feature and use only one.

    Let me make the same recommendation about showing front-end menu items for roles: do not use “Nav menu roles” plugin and URE “Front-end menu access” add-on simultaneously. You will meet with a conflict in other case.


    About extending of access for a user with ‘wdm_instructor’ role:
    It seems that ‘Instructor Role’ plugin re-creates ‘wdm_instructor’ role dynamically, not once on plugin activation like others do. Additionally it applies own restrictions for such user, modifies the list admin menu itesm available for this user.
    You can try to deactivate ‘Instructor Role’ plugin temporally and you will see some new items at the left side admin menu, which it hides.
    So ‘Instructor Role’ set own hard limits for user permissions with ‘wdm_instructor’ role, which is not editable via usual WordPress roles.

    URE “admin menu access” add-on is needed to block/hide menu items, which available for this role already. It does not provides access to the menu which is not available for a role. So use it with care.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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