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    Hi. We are using Learndash LMS and shop managers are not able to navigate to additional quiz details. The first 30 rows of quiz data is shown in user profile, but the navigation buttons to view additional quiz data are disabled/not clickable for Shop Managers. Works for admin, but not Shop Manager.
    Any suggestions on how we can enable the nav buttons for shop managers?
    Thank you.

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    In trying to test this we disabled the plugin, but the restrictions still seem to be in place for other areas. Specifically, Shop Managers are unable to view reports or orders in Woocommerce – which is the primary restriction we put in place with the plugin.
    Do we have to manually remove the plugin to disable it?



    If you revoked from shop_manage role some capability, this change is permanent. It does not depend from the presence of User Role Editor Pro at your site. You may grant it back manually to solve this.
    WooCommerce->Reports menu is protected by ‘view_woocommerce_reports’ capability.
    WooCommerce->Orders menu is protected by ‘edit_shop_orders’ capability.
    If role can these capabilities but still can not access these menu items, and URE deactivation does not help, that is you don’t apply some restriction via URE’s additional modules, then some another plugin may be involved. Try to deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce and test. If that helps, activate plugins back one by one to isolate a reason.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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