Gravity Forms menu not showing or missed capability

You created custom user role with User Role Editor, added all Gravity Forms plugin user capabilities there, but “Add-Ons” item of Gravity Forms menu not showing. You see it under Administrator user, but do not see under other user with all needed capabilities included into his role or even for user with “Administrator” role assigned. What’s the reason? What to do?
Gravity Forms uses the “gravityforms_view_addons” capability in order to restrict access to “Add-Ons” menu item of “Forms” menu, file gravityforms.php:

add_submenu_page($parent_menu["name"], __("Add-Ons", "gravityforms"), __("Add-Ons", "gravityforms"), $has_full_access ? "gform_full_access" : "gravityforms_view_addons", "gf_addons", array("RGForms", "addons_page"));

But this capability is missed at the full list of “Gravity Forms” plugin capabilities list, file common.php:

    public static function all_caps(){
        return array(   'gravityforms_edit_forms',

For this reason “gravityforms_view_addons” was not added to the WordPress user capabilities list automatically. As user having full Gravity Forms capabilities list has not this one, he does not see the “Add-Ons” menu item.
Decision is simple: add the “gravityforms_view_addons” capability manually with the help of User Role Editor WordPress plugin, turn it on for the roles according to your selection. That’s it.

The described problem is discovered for for “Gravity Forms” plugin version 1.7.9, and may exists at earlier versions. I hope it will be fixed by plugin developers at the nearest future.