User Role Editor free version 4.2 is available

User Role Editor WordPress plugin version 4.2 Free edition is published at August, 2nd, 2013. The list of changes includes:

  • Separate setting page is added for User Role Editor under Settings menu. It is available under Network Center “Settings” for the multi-site.
  • Option ‘show Administrator role in the User Role Editor’ was added. Use new “Allow create, edit and delete user to not super-administrators” option to workaround this obstacle. Such user still should have correspondent user capabilities as “create_users”, “edit_users”, “delete_users”. Thanks to Sjobidoo for suggested decision.
  • PHP fatal error caused by typo in the ‘uninstall.php’ file is fixed.
  • Miscellaneous code enhancements.

Updated Pro version 4.2 of User Role Editor WordPress plugin will be available in 2-3 days on case some bugs would be discovered at the free edition.
I continue work on the Network Center one point Role Editor for all sites of multisite network for the Pro version. So please wait a little more than expected earlier.
Thank you.