User Role Editor Pro 4.18

User Role Editor Pro 4.18 WordPress plugin was published 11.02.2014. This version changes include:

  • Own custom user capabilities, e.g. ‘ure_edit_roles’ are used to restrict access to User Role Editor functionality. More information…
  • Posts/pages edit access restriction add-on functionality was extended to the Media Library. Posts/pages attachments becomes unavailable automatically if correspondent post/page edit is prohibited.
  • Posts/pages edit access restriction add-on works with custom post types now.
  • Posts/pages view access restriction works with custom post types now.
  • Admin menu items with empty user capability are available in “Admin menu access” add-on now. “Participants Database” plugin defines its menu this way.
  • Some plugins use meta capabilities instead of real user capabilities, like ‘jetpack_admin_page’ in “JetPack” or ‘wpcf7_read_contact_forms’ in “Contact Form 7”.
  • “Admin menu access” add-on recognizes such meta capabilities now. These meta-caps are replaced at “Admin menu” window with correspondent (mapped) real user capabilities for your further reference.
  • Admin menu access add-on updated: ‘Howdy, …’ menu including ‘Logout’ menu item at top bar admin menu will not disappear after blocking ‘Profile’ menu.
  • Top bar menu ‘SEO’ from “WP SEO from Yoast” plugin is blocked if user has no ‘manage_options’ capability or correspondent admin menu is blocked.
  • Admin menu blocking is available for ‘administrator’ role under multisite. You should be superadmin. Do not give administrator access to URE in this case.
  • More universal checking applied to the custom post type capabilities creation to exclude not existing property notices.
  • New option “Edit user capabilities” was added. If it is unchecked – capabilities section of selected user will be shown in the readonly mode. Administrator (except superadmin for multisite) can not assign capabilities to the user directly. He should make it using roles only.
  • Fixed JavaScript bug with ‘Reset Roles’ for FireFox v.34.