User Role Editor Pro version 4.24

User Role Editor Pro version 4.24 published at March 19, 2016.

Changes list

Update date: 19.03.2016
Core version: 4.24.1

  • Fix: Error message “Update Failed: Plugin update failed” was shown after click “Update” at WordPress multisite “Network Admin – Plugins” page.
  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method URE_Posts_Edit_Access::get_attachments_list() in wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/posts-edit-access.php on line 171
  • Fix: Admin menu access module:
    – “Block not Selected” model blocked allowed URLs inside Media Library (started from upload.php) and Appearance Menus (started from nav-menus.php) and other allowed URLs (just with additional parameters).
    – WordPress Multisite – single site administrator get “Admin menu” dialog in the read-only mode for all roles. He should not edit just its own ‘administrator’ role.
    – Direct access to the blocked menu item via URL was possible for URLs like one from WooCommerce’s “Products->Attributes” menu item:
    – Blocked menu item could be selected as the 1st available menu item which leaded to the endless redirect loop.
    – Blocked menu items search at the current user submenu copy was optimized (expanded or reordered submenu cases (like Events Manager) are processed correctly now).
  • Fix: Meta Boxes access module: WooCommerce edit product/order page meta boxes were not hidden, fixed PHP notices generated in some cases.
  • Fix: Export/Import module: PHP Notice: “Use of undefined constant value” was shown during import.
  • Update: Export/Import module: applies base64 encode/decode to the processed data in order to exclude errors when working with multi-byte languages, like Japanese. Refresh your exported roles files as older data format is not supported starting from this version.
  • Update: Admin menu access module – full copy of admin menu is created only when superadmin opens User Role Editor.
  • Update: Meta Boxes access module:
    – meta boxes are grouped by page to which they belong and sorted in alphabet order.
    – meta boxes created by Advanced Custom Fields plugin are available at URE and can be blocked now.
  • New: Export/Import module:’ure_sanitize_capability_filter’ filter was added. Use it to redefine user capability name valid characters set.Currently only letters, numbers, spaces, ‘_’,’-‘, ‘/’ are allowed.
  • New: User capabilities page was integrated with “[User Switching](” plugin – “Switch To” the editing user link iss added if “User Switching” plugin is available.
  • Fix: PHP notice was generated by class-role-additional-options.php in case when some option does not exist anymore
  • Enhance: ‘Add Capability’ button have added capability to the WordPress built-in administrator role by default. It did not work, if ‘administrator’ role did not exist. Now script selects automatically as an admin role a role with the largest quant of capabilities and adds new capability to the selected role.
  • Marked as compatible with WordPress 4.5.