User Role Editor Pro version 4.26

User Role Editor Pro version 4.26 was published at 05.07.2016.

Changes List

Core version: 4.25.4

  • Update: URE_KEY_CAPABILITY (allows to user to make anything with URE) constant was changed from ‘ure_edit_roles’ to ‘ure_manage_options’. It’s possible now to give to non-admin users the access to the User Role Editor without giving them access to the ‘administrator’ role and users with ‘administrator’ role.
  • Update: User receives full access to User Role Editor under WordPress multisite if he has ‘manage_network_plugins’ capability instead of ‘manager_network_users’ as it was earlier. This allows to give to a user ability to edit the network users without giving him access to the User Role Editor.
  • Update: Use WordPress’s global $current_site->blog_id to define main blog ID instead of selecting the 1st one from the sorted list of blogs.
  • New: Widgets Show Access additional module allows to manage which roles may see what widgets (more info…).
  • New: Admin menu access, Meta boxes access, Other roles access modules: functionality is available from the Network Admin Center for WordPress multisite. Data is updated for the main site. To replicate module data to other sites use ‘Network Update’ button.
  • New: Content edit restrictions: ‘ure_post_edit_access_authors_list’ filter allows to modify authors list which posts should be allowed/prohibited for editing.
  • Fix: User was redirected to the main site instead of returning back to the Network Admin after update additional module data from the User Role Editor page opened under the Network Admin.
  • Fix: Content edit restrictions:
    – Subpages were restricted automatically up to 2nd level only. Full tree is processed now.
    – add orders by product owner function did not respect custom DB prefix, it used hard coded ‘wp_’ instead.
    – added bookings from “WC Booking” plugin by product owner, not only by booking author. Return false by ‘ure_edit_posts_access_add_bookings_by_product_owner’ filter to switch this behavior OFF.
    – forced “WC Booking” plugin do not suppress filters during booking products selection.
    – when ‘ure_auto_access_child_pages’ filter returned false, code returned void instead of unchanged posts list array.
  • Update: Custom post types own capabilities: moved code execution to the later priorities 98, 99 (comparing to earlier 11, 12) in order to exclude conflicts with plugins which register their custom post type with a later priority then a default 10.
  • Various code enhancements and optimization.