User Role Editor Pro version 4.29.1

User Role Editor Pro version 4.29.1 was published at November 11th, 2016.

Changes list

Core version: 4.29

  • New: User Role Editor own user capabilities are grouped separately under Custom capabilities.
  • Fix: Content View Restrictions add-on: Custom error message from the post editor was not shown in some cases, system global default message was shown instead.
  • Fix: Content Edit Restrictions add-on: restricted user saw at post Visual editor a gallery with full list of available images instead of the allowed images included into this gallery only.
  • Update: Content Edit Restrictions add-on: user with ‘create_%’ capability (like ‘create_posts’) can add new items (posts) inspite of editing restrictions applied to him. One of the purposes of this update was to allow to a user create the child pages under the allowed parent page.
  • Update: Automatic updates server URL was changed to
  • Update: URE_Lib::is_super_admin() uses WordPress core is_super_admin() for multisite setup only. Superadmin is a user with ‘administrator’ role in the case of single site WordPress installation.
    This is the difference with the WordPress core which counts as a superadmin (for single site WP installation) any user with a ‘delete_users’ capability.
    So it’s possible to apply add-on restrictions (e.g. admin menu access) to the users without administrator role, but with ‘delete_users’ capability.
  • Update: BaseLib::option_selected() calls were replaced with the calls of a similar selected() function from WordPress core.