User Role Editor Pro version 4.32

User Role Editor Pro version 4.32 was published at January 6, 2017.

Changes List

Core version: 4.31.1

  • New: Plugins access add-on:
    – It’s possible to restrict access to the list of plugins available for activation/deactivation for the role.
    User Role Editor Pro restrict plugins activation for role
    – It’s possible to change selection model: allow access to the selected or not selected plugins.
  • Fix: bbPress roles changes were not saved.
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: List of allowed URL parameters checked under “blocked not selected” model was extended for parameters used by Gravity Forms plugin.
  • Fix: WP transients get/set were removed from URE_Own_Capabilities class. It leaded to the MySQL deadlock in some cases.
  • Update: Base_Lib::get_request_var() sanitizes user input by PHP’s filter_var() in addition to WordPress core’s esc_attr().