User Role Editor Pro version 4.33

User Role Editor Pro version 4.33 was published at April 3rd, 2017. It’s possible to restrict posts content view by authors list. The rest changes are mainly bug fixes.

Changes list.

Core version: 4.32.3

  • New: Content view restrictions add-on: authors list and own data only options were added for roles.
    Posts view access by authors
  • Fix: Content view restrictions add-on:
    – filter by categories may work incorrectly due to mistake in the SQL query;
    – content-view-restrictions-controller.php used not existed function URE_Lib_Pro::filter_int_array().
  • Update: Admin menu access add-on: parameters added by Enable media replace plugin were registered as allowed for upload.php link. Earlier ‘Replace’ link was blocked with a redirection to the 1st available menu item.
  • Fix: Admin menu access add-on: “Block not selected” model:
    – search a user at “Users” page was finished by the automatic redirection to the 1st available menu item (Dashboard, etc.). The list of allowed parameters for ‘Users’ page was extended for the search and sort parameters used at this page by WordPress core.
    – selection of ‘Media Library->Add new’ menu item was resulted by removing of ‘Upload Files’ tab at a dialog opened by “Add Media” button from the post/page editor screen.
  • Fix: Bulk grant to users multiple roles JavaScript code is loaded now for users.php page only, not globally.
  • Fix: nonexistent html_esc__() function was called instead of valid esc_html__() one at pro/includes/classes/posts-edit-access-bulk-action.php file.
  • Fix: “Users->Grant Roles” button did not work with switched off option “Count Users without role” at “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab. “JQuery UI” library was not loaded.
  • Fix: Boolean false was sent to WordPress core wp_enqueue_script() function as the 2nd parameter instead of an empty string. We should respect the type of parameter which code author supposed to use initially.
  • Update: minimal PHP version was raised to 5.3.