User Role Editor Pro version 4.53

User Role Editor Pro version 4.53 was published at November 14, 2019. It includes new “Front-end menus admin access” add-on, which allows to manage what front-end navigation menus are visible for selected role at the “Appearance->Menus” page.

Changes List

Core version: 4.52.1

  • New: Front-end menus admin access add-on: Block access to the front-end (navigation) menus under “Appearance->Menu” for selected role.
  • Core version was updated to 4.52.1
  • Update: URE requires PHP version 5.6.
  • Update: ure_cpt_editor_roles filter was added. It takes 2 parameters: array $roles with 1 element ‘administrator’ by default and $post_type with post type name string. Add other role(s) to which you wish automatically add all user capabilities for custom post type $post_type. URE updates roles this way before opening “Users->User Role Editor” page.
  • Update: New own URE Pro user capability ‘ure_nav_menus_access’ was added. It allows to manage what front-end menus will be available for selected role.