User Role Editor Pro version 4.59.2

User Role Editor Pro version 4.59.2 was published at March 2nd, 2021. It’s mainly bug fix and existing features enhancing release.

Changes List

Core version: 4.58.3

  • Fix: “Multisite -> Update Network” did not work due to bug in version 4.59.
  • Fix: Posts/pages, custom post types edit restrictions add-on:
    – Restricted user can some times see a full list of posts or pages due to internal caching issue.
    – Media Library restricted items list did not take into account authors ID list restriction criteria for images loaded directly to the Media Library, which does not have parent posts.
    – When products editing is restricted by product category/tag, product variations shown by “Admin Columns Pro – WooCommerce” plugin were not available. Now, if product is allowed, then related variations are allowed automatically too.
  • Update: Option “Force custom post types to use their own capabilities” replaces default capabilities for the custom taxonomies also. It takes the slug of the 1st post type associated with such taxonomy (e.g. ‘video’) and builds own capabilities this way: manage_terms->manage_video_terms, edit_terms->edit_video_terms, delete_terms->delete_video_terms, assign_terms->assign_video_terms. URE automatically adds such capabilities to the ‘administrator’ role. You have to grant these new capabilities to other roles manually.
  • Update: ‘edit_css’ capability is mapped to ‘unfiltered_html’ for WordPress multisite, in case ‘Enable “unfiltered_html” capability’ option is turned ON at the URE’s settings ‘Multisite’ tab. This automatically enables for a single site (blog/subsite) admin the ‘Additional CSS’ tab at the ‘Appearance->Customize’ page.
  • Update: Admin menu access add-on: New custom filter ‘ure_admin_menu_access_not_block_url‘ is available. It allows to whitelist not selected URL (without path, like admin.php?page=mlw_quiz_options), which is not presented at the admin menu and it’s not possible to select them with the “Block not Selected” model.
  • Core version was updated to 4.58.3
  • Update: URE automatically adds custom taxonomies capabilities to administrator role before opening “Users->User Role Editor” page.
  • Fix: Role changes were not saved with option “Confirm role update” switched off.