User Role Editor Pro version 4.35.1

User Role Editor Pro version 4.35.1 was published at June, 11th, 2017. It’s a bug fix and enhancement release. Changes list is available below.

Changes List

Core version: 4.35

  • Fix: Posts/pages edit access add-on:
    – Child pages ID list selection algorithm was fixed and optimized.
    – ‘Mine’ view posts count shows valid quantity of current user posts.
  • Fix: All add-ons: class ‘ui-button-text’ was added to all ui-dialog (update, cancel) buttons.
  • Core was updated to version 4.35
  • Update: Bulk capabilities selection checkbox is not shown for ‘administrator’ role for single site WP, and is shown if current user is superadmin for multisite WP. It was done to exclude sudden revoke of all capabilities from the ‘administrator’ role.
  • Update: Full copy of JQuery UI 1.11.4 custom theme CSS file (jquery-ui.css) was included.
  • Fix: User->User Role Editor page apparently loads own jQuery UI CSS (instead of use of WordPress default one) in order to exclude the conflicts with themes and plugins which can load own jQuery UI CSS globally not for own pages only.
  • Fix: “Change Log” link was replaced with secure